Finding a work-life balance is never easy. Possible, though. Me and my family we constantly search for it. If you want to get to know me and learn new ways to live peaceful and balanced life, don’t hesitate to subscribe to e-mail list in the form above.


My name is Krzysiek. Work and life balance is very important to me. Growing as a proffesional and getting better in doing my job is great. But it’s only one side of the coin. Life is also about coming back after work to our families. Bringing them only money is not enough. The biggest value we can give to our closest ones is ourselves. So better don’t trade too much of your time for money – unless you need to of course.

To be a better, balanced and peaceful human being I try to improve myself in three dimensions: mind, body and soul. It’s quite philosophical, but this blog is a little bit like that. This blog’s content is about things I am passionate about. Hiking, snowboarding, mountain photography, travelling with my family, yoga and music ( I also play guitar, but there won’t be too much about it). These are the main topics. The main thought that connects all these topics together is finding a work-life balance. I achieve my balance by having a very proactive lifestyle.  To give you a sense of what I will be writing about take a look at these hashtags.


#mountains #snowboarding #travelwithkids #mountainphotography #worklifebalance #activelifestyle

I am a lucky daddy :o). Most of my spare time I spend with my daughter Zuzia. She doesn’t know that yet, but she has a great input to this blog. She is not only a source of inspiration. She is my companion. I travel with her, take her everywhere where I go (unless it’s not safe) and discover the world with her, trying to look at everything from her perspective. Together with my super wife Ula, we are happy 2+1 family. We are pro-active and very hungry for exploring unexplored.
work life balance

I love mountains and spend many days each year in mountain environment. In summertime I hike. In winter I am a snowboard instructor. This is why you will find a lot of mountain-oriented content on this blog. You will learn here some mountain safety basics. I will give you some tips to improve your snowboarding technique. I will try to inspire you to do some outdoor activities. And if you haven’t been yet in the mountains I will encourage you and give some basic tips.

What does the author want?

I am really glad you are here. This is my little space in endless internet and you are here more than welcome. I do it actually for you. I want to inspire you. I want to share my knowledge and experience with you. I write here about things I am passionate about. Nobody pays me for doing it. Nobody tells me to do it. That’s why it’s so fun :).


I do my best.
I try to improve the quality continously.
I try not to make too many mistakes.


I follow only a few rules about writing 7hillz:

  1. I don’t force it
  2. It doesn’t disturb my private life
  3. I’am transparent, honest, have no secrets
  4. I don’t publish my foods’ photos

Recently I played around with vector graphics. You probably noticed already these funny cartoonish pictures on home page and at the top of the page you are at the moment. I found them on Vector graphics open so many new possibilities in webdesign. It’s great, but it’s time consuming to make it up and running.


7hillz is online since 1 April 2015. For a first year it was more outdoor lifestyle oriented. But to be honest I can cover only small part of outdoors – hiking and snowboarding. Having this whole year of writing experience, I think more natural for 7hills is to be about my main activity. Never ending search for work and life balance.  .

Cheers everybody,